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Oboz Review: Mendenhall

Rachel Walker

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Let's get one thing out of the way: this is (ostensibly) a man's shoe. I am not a man. But I love this shoe. I love the way it looks, the way it fits, and the places it takes me. Which is to say that not only is the Mendenhall Low isn't just the best all around shoe ... it's also the most metrosexual. 

Here's what I love about the Mendenhall Low:

Versatility: This is a versatile shoe perfect for comfortably strolling around town, whether you slip them on after a ski day or to wear to lunch. It's also a grippy, secure shoe that's great on the trails. If I only want to wear one pair of shoes for the day, I will wear the Mendenhalls.

Fit: The Mendenhall Lows pack a ton of support. I love their comfortable, yet stylish, fit. Built with the O-Fit Insole, these shoes feel almost custom made. They give a similar supportive feel of a hiking boot, so you can walk around a city all day without any discomfort. 

(Light) weight: These shoes are pretty lightweight in comparison to a boot, so they’re awesome for travel. I have brought them along for many car camping trips to slide on in the evening, as they provide great insulation and protection.

Utility: I have used the Mendenhalls as approach shoes on my way up to climbing crags. Even on drizzly days, these shoes have provided enough traction and support to get to the climb. The Mendenhall’s “Mountain Town” outer sole is grippy, providing that the traction of the outer sole is strong enough to hike easy trails in, even when wet. My feet always stay warm and dry, yet these shoes still somehow provide breathability to your feet. They’re awesome!

Appearance: They look more like a sneaker, or a skater shoe, or something just a tad more urban than my other Oboz. The best part is how stylish they are! You can pull these off with a cute, post-hike outfit without anyone knowing they are the same shoes you hiked in. The olive color is a staple that matches with everything, and their discrete tone is perfect paired with jeans or cords. 

Bottom line: Great shoe—for everyone! Even though these are Men’s shoes, I highly recommend ladies check them out! Break down those gender roles! They look super cool and provide even better support.

IMG 5335

Men’s Mendenhall Low
MSRP $110.00

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