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Oboz Review: Men's Bridger Mid Waterproof

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As a hiker with size 14, narrow feet I went through A LOT of different boots in my search for the perfect pair.oboz2

Have Bridgers, will play. Image: Jacques Turcott

Search for the Perfect Pair

I probably tried half a dozen different brands and all the imaginable styles of hiking footwear, from full grain traditional leather boots to mesh trail runners. As I pushed through longer and longer trips in rugged wilderness areas, my feet paid the price. I came to believe if I wanted to hike I would have to destroyed my poor feet in the process.

Discovering Oboz Footwear

Then one fall after I started working for a local outdoor gear shop and I got to get a pair of boots with my employee discount. The boots I chose were the Oboz Bridger Mids. Although at first I chose them for their looks, when I got them and tried them on it was pretty life changing.

Bridger Mid Fit

The Oboz fit held my narrow foot snugly, eliminating slip and blisters. The O-fit insoles provide unbelievable arch support and allowed me to push my limits, doing big mile days without foot pain. And the outsoles? Bomber. They have the most rugged tread of any boots I've ever worn and have allowed me to travel in all types of terrain in any conditions.

Keep in mind: I came to this conclusion about Oboz long before becoming a brand ambassador. It was discovering these “all-terrain tires for my feet” that inspired me to apply to Trail Tales.

An Enduring Relationship

My Bridger Mids have taken me all over; long distance hiking the rugged mountains of New Hampshire, an off-trail backpacking expedition in Wyoming carrying a 60-lb pack full of climbing gear, snowshoeing and winter hiking in Vermont and New Hampshire, canyoneering in Utah, long rock climbing approaches in Idaho and all sorts of adventures up the East coast. oboz4

Jacques and his Bridger Mids enjoyed solitude at this alpine lake deep in the heart of Wyoming's Wind River Range. Image: Jacques Turcott

They have endured years of rough use and are still going strong!

These beautiful places and experiences have changed my life. I’ve uncovered my life’s passion in these boots, met some of my best friends in these boots, and fallen in love in these boots. oboz3

My significant other and I with our matching bridgers on top of Camels Hump Mountain during a Winter Hiking trip. Image: Jacques Turcotte

They’ve become a part of who I am and I wouldn’t be the same person without them.

Favorite Features

·       Durable leather construction with minimal exposed stitching/seams that could fail

·       Durable sole with deep aggressive lugs that provide great traction

·       Molded rubber toe cap to protect both the boot and my feet from rocks

·       Narrow heel provides great fit for my narrow feet but because of the regular/wide toe box it also works great for wider feet!

·       The arch support

Recommended For 

·       A really comfortable yet durable boot

·       Something that can take on light day hikes or extended backpacking trips

·       A boot that will perform great in all terrain types

·       A really high quality boot at a reasonable price!!

            Other thoughts:

·       If you looking for something low cut, there is also the Bridger Low! I have this model as well and it is probably what I will be bringing with me on the AT this summer.

·       Don’t forget to clean your boots! I use a Nikwax boot cleaning gel, rubber conditioner and brush to keep them clean which makes sure they stay waterproof  and have a long life.

Ambassador Jacques Turcotte is a New England-based adventurer and photographer. He’s currently in the process of converting his mini school bus named Gerdy into a home on wheels so he can move out West to pursue his passion of hiking long trails and teaching outdoor education. This year he’ll be hiking 600 miles of the AT (MA, NH & ME) along with a whole lot of other adventure all over the country. Follow his adventures and get updates on Gerdy and #vanlife on Instagram @livewildoutdoors and stay tuned for my upcoming youtube channel.


Men's Bridger Mid Waterproof
MSRP $180.00

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