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Oboz Review: Men's Campster

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There are few things more bothersome than setting out on a 12-15 mile hike and ending up limping back into camp or to your car due to hurting arches. I have yet to experience that with my Oboz shoes and boots. Every pair has a strong durable sole and exceptional arch support. The Campster, Oboz's newly released camp sandal, follows suit.IMG 57081

The Campster is an ideal shoe for walking alongside (or in) water, hanging out at camp and even for work meetings. All images: Nkrumah Frazie

Durable and Supportive

My first impressions of the Campster were that they have a very durable sole with good arch support and a toe box that protects your toes from harsh environments like every pinky toe's nemesis; the average table leg. 

The upper is made of polyester webbing that is offers the advantage of being lightweight while offering a bit more protection from the elements than traditional toe strap sandals. It's so comfy that I have started wearing them around my home all the time.IMG 57171


The Campster is a versatile sandal that can be worn with the heel strap in place for a more secure fit or thanks to it's pivoting heel strap, it can be worn as a slip on. Utilizing the heel strap allows for more vigorous walking or hiking in somewhat rough terrain. If your intent is to lounge around the house or your campsite, the slip on feature proves to be super convenient and allows you to easily slip into and out of the sandal with minimal effort.

Better than Slippers

Once I received the Campster sandals I put them on almost immediately. I ended up wearing them for the rest of the day that first day. Afterwards I couldn't wait to hit the trails with my new sandals to see how they would hold up. rsz img 57071

To date, I've trekked through many different environments and types of terrain with these sandals. They held up in forested areas with only minimally maintained trails and in sand dunes that contained prickly pear cactus. I was a little nervous about trekking through cactus-laden terrain in sandals but I didn't have any issues.

Understated, In a Good Way

I have even taken my Campsters to a formal meeting with the intent to lounge in them once the meeting was over but at the last minute decided to wear them into the meeting in lieu of my dress shoes. I'm sure they were noticed but no one said anything to me about them. 

These sandals seemingly fit right in to whatever environment I venture into while wearing them. They don't yell out “Hey look at me, I'm awesome aren't I?” but that is a good thing. No one likes the loud obnoxious guy at the party that seemingly does things for attention. Better to just slip them on and hit the trail.

Nkrumah Frazier is a husband and father residing in Hattiesburg, MS where he currently works as the city's Sustainability Officer. He founded the non-profit organization Hikes Across America! through which he hopes to encourage everyone to #GoTakeAHike! You may follow Nkrumah's adventures and developments on the Hikes Across America blog at on Twitter: @AmericaHikes and on Facebook at

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