Oboz Review: Men's Crest Mid Waterproof

Learn more about BDry, our proprietary waterproof technology in the above video.

These boots were made for walking....Nick's Crest Mid boots, post 200 miles. 

The Crest Mid earned its keep in the Highlands of Virginia. I asked a lot, and they performed better than expected. I was most impressed with the grip that the tread provides on the rocky outcroppings that pass for a trail above the treeline (when it resembles more of a small cascading stream rather than a passable footpath).

The mud holes, graciously stomped into trails throughout the Grayson Highlands by generations of wild ponies, gave these boots a run for their money. The BDry layer keeps the feet dry after a quick submersion in shallow water, but continuous exposure to water is asking a bit much. I can’t complain because this is a sacrifice that allows for the lightweight flexibility and comfort that I prefer.

The mesh material along the outside of the shoe is reinforced in exactly the right places, brilliantly creating a hiking shoe that maintains a long distance hike without adding weight or sacrificing the benefits of a boot.

 A hybrid of a boot and trail runner with the best of both worlds and with no break in period needed, the Crest Mid covers all bases. After 200 miles they aren’t showing any significant signs of wear whatsoever. This is the shoe I’ve been looking for.

Nick Meyers is a veteran, thru-hiker, community builder, organizer, and adventurer. Read about TrailVets, the community he co-founded to encourage veterans to experience the outdoors, here. You can find him on Instagram: @beerdface

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