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Oboz Review: Men’s Selway Flip

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 Sandals are my go to footwear, whether it’s shoulder season or the peak of summer. That guy who wears sandals with socks when it’s a little chilly – that’s me. That guy who wears flip-flops on the approach to the crag? Yours, truly. If there isn’t a pair of sandals waiting for me in the car to slide on after a splitboard tour or a river trip, I’m devastated by my poor trip-planning. Needless to say, I was stoked to receive my new Selways, which was in no part due to the fact that my previous flip-flops were literally held together by duct-tape.image1

Find the flip! The Selways are a critical component of the splitboarding kit. Photo: Caleb Walke

Initial Reaction:

What first took me by surprise when receiving my Selways was the substantial sole on the Sandal. Compared to my previous pair, which was so thin after 2 months that I felt every pebble while walking my dog around town, this was a solid sole that could absorb the road.image2

Ideal dog-dad flip. Photo: Caleb Walker

The second thing that captured me was the straps. I never know if I’m the only one with this problem; but the vast majority of sandals rub my feet the wrong way and require a break in period, as the straps get broken in and my feet get used to the friction spots. This was not an issue with the Selway, the material used on the strasp is soft and comfortable straight out of the box.image1 1

The perfect sunny day bike commuter footwear. Photo: Caleb Walker

The one issue I have with the Selway is that I can’t wear socks with it; however, that’s just because I personally despise toe-socks.

Testing and Reflection:

After using the Selway for everything from riding my bike around town and walking my dog to climbing approaches and wandering around the parking area pre/post spring splitboard tours; I have a few additional thoughts:


  • The most stand-out feature of this sandal is the Headwaters Outsole. Walking around on crusty spring snow and ice, I was not skating around the turn-off like I normally would.
  • They only get more comfortable as the straps continue breaking in.
  • Perfect amount of support and rigidity for hikes and approaches while maintaining comfort, even with a loaded daypack for climbing.


  • The sole can be a little slippery if your feet are wet.
  • Not as much fun on the downhill after crag days – to be fair, that’s the same with all Flip-Flops.

Final Thoughts:

Through the years I have worn nearly every type of sandal, ranging from $5 ones I’ve picked up at a gas station to $120 ones that have lasted for years, and everything in between. One thing I have come to understand is that spending the money on a pair that is both comfortable and durable is key. If you can have one pair of sandals that will last you for years and do everything you need, it’s worth the money. The Selway is that sandal, even better, it’s that sandal without breaking the bank. 

Whenever ambassador Caleb Walker isn't at the office, he's usually somewhere in the backcountry with his dog - trying to decide what to cook for dinner.

Men’s Selway Leather Flip
MSRP $60.00

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