Oboz Review: Women's Bridger Low B-DRY Waterproof

I was looking for a pair of low, lightweight hiking boots , something I could wear on my regular hill walks, whilst riding my bike, and around town. Given that I live in the north of England, waterproofing is a necessity. Other than that I needed a shoe that fit well, supported my arches, and had good traction.Oboz Bridger BDry Waterproof enjoying picnic view

Anne's happy feet on a spring day in England.

When my Women's Bridger Low B-DRY Waterproof arrived, they fit perfectly out of the box. On our first trek around my local trails, I had no complaints: the other reviews didn’t lie; these are extremely comfortable. My first test was a gentle hike on stony paths on a beautiful late winter’s day. They were very comfortable then, with no rubbing, and have been ever since.

And I’ve put them through the paces. I’ve found the sturdy, grippy soles have performed well on all surfaces and the moulded rubber toecap gives good protection. They are well made and a good combination of Nubuck and moulded rubber, with good attention to detail and finish. I chose the walnut colour option, with black trim.

Earlier this summer I wore these shoes a cycling tour of Scotland. Although not intended as a cycling shoe, they were ideal for multi-tasking. With the Bridger Lows, I pushed the pedals over a few hundred miles, and when my husband and I decided to park our bikes and go for a hike or just to explore, I had no need to change footwear. (By the way, it was an incredible trip—we pedalled up the beautiful West coast and islands of Scotland, following our whimsy.) My Bridgers did not disappoint.

This boot is also available in a Men’s version and I am encouraging my husband to order a pair as he keeps wanting to borrow mine.

Anne Wild lives in the Lake District in the United Kingdom and was an Oboz fan and customer long before she was an ambassador.

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