Oboz Review: Women's Bridger Mid

Lindsay Coe
Bridger W R 2
Last year I spent three months trekking the Bolivian and Peruvian Andes, and I wore the women's Bridger Mids, a boot I bought before I ever even considered applying for an ambassadorship with Oboz.

Testing grounds: The Andes. Images by Lindsay Coe

Rugged Terrain, Inclement Weather

The Andes are a beautiful, unforgiving range. Their incredible elevation combined with all the natural things that comes with it - snow, sleet, pouring rain, electrical storms, powerful South American sun, etc. provide for harsh climates day in and day out.

My boots kept my feet dry and warm the entire time.


A typical day involved hiking for eight hours, up and down 17,000-foot passes. No blisters. Seriously.

In the rain and the snow, I felt sturdy thanks to the grippy traction. The higher ankle on the Bridger Mids really made me feel secure, even after full days on the trail. They definitely break in nicely and after a few days mold to your feet in a snug way.

Going the Distance

I especially appreciated these boots on one of the last days of my trip, while on a trek at the base of a sacred Bolivian mountain called Huayna Potosi. My group chose to climb 17,600 foot Pico Austria on a bluebird morning, an intimidating yet absolutely breathtaking summit.

As we neared the summit, weather began to roll in from the distance. It really looked like nothing, and our experienced local guides encouraged us toward the top. I was in the front of the group about 15 feet away from the small summit as I heard a strange crackling noise above me. It immediately and literally electrified me. 


Taking the long way up.

One of our guides began yelling in Quechan, the native language, but despite the language barrier I knew he meant we needed to get down, fast.

As my long hair was fully standing on end through my hat, I watched as my friend’s trekking poles gave off literal electric sparks in the air. I knew we had a good 15-minute sprint down, and the only logical option was running down a very steep field of large scree.

On lower ground, hair no longer standing up.

My Bridgers didn’t falter. In a less supportive boot, I might have rolled or broken an ankle. It was hands down one of the scariest and most intimate experiences I have ever had with lightning and I was so glad I didn’t have to worry about my shoes when it hit the fan.

Free spirited, fiery, and travel-crazy Lindsay Coe believes that experiencing new ground in a way that pushes you out of your comfort zone is the best way to learn and understand another person or place. The second best way, she thinks, is conveying these moments to curious minds through photography, writing, and film. She will be attending college to study Anthropology and Visual Journalism after she explores Southeast Asia this fall. She spends her play time climbing, hiking, and riding in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Find her on Instagram.

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