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Oboz Review: Women's Luna

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Cover image: Donielle trusting her Lunas to grip a broken tree during a hike in Rocky Mountain National Park

I’ve been searching for a lightweight shoe that could actually stand up to the use and abuse of life on the road, a life filled with the grit of hiking, biking, lugging equipment, and lounging around camp but still be light enough to keep my feet and legs feeling fresh.IMG 0374The Lunas have incredible versatility making them an easy choice for spring trail conditions.

I pulled my Oboz Lunas out of the box and was instantly impressed by their airy lightness combined with the rugged and ultra-durable outsole. Too often, lightweight shoes are accompanied by cheap, lightweight outsoles meant to shave micro-ounces off the shoe — the tradeoff being a significantly shortened shoe life. Oboz has struck that balance in the Luna by crafting a shoe that is lightweight yet durable, which means it will last significantly longer than its competitors, making it the more environmentally friendly option as well.


Secure. That’s the feeling I got as soon as I knotted the laces. These shoes are comfy without a ton of cushioning, and they breathe around the forefront of my wide foot while lightly gripping my narrow ankle. The O Fit Insole’s sculpted arch keeps my foot in a neutral position for comfort and movement. As I hiked an easy 4-mile loop trail through the spring trail conditions in Rocky Mountain National Park, I noticed that the deep heel cup provides support without sacrificing agility.

Tread & Traction

The Lunas didn’t need a break in period. On my first trip with them, I didn’t feel the typical tension and rigidness of a new boot. The nylon shank, toothy side lugs, and 4mm lugs studding the sole means I could trust my Lunas to catch me as I balance on logs, jump rock to rock, scramble, or cross snow patches. IMG 0385The Lunas are a great boot for everything from day hikes to long-mile trips.

Despite the varying spring terrain — mud, snow, rock, sand- the Luna’s held up. Being able to trust your boots is the first step in exploring the details of a trail or features of a new, exciting place. Can you really say you’ve been to a place if you didn’t see it from every angle; from a high rock, a craggy outcropping, a lone ledge, or from your balanced perch on a broken tree? The Lunas got me there, I could trust them. 


The trail climbed through a forest of aspen and fir as it transformed from duff layers to grinded granite and back again. Despite the solid tread, I ascended with surprising lightness, the Lunas, at 12.6 oz, felt almost weightless with each step. I hastened into a run, the levity encouraging quickness and freedom. I’ve had many shoes that are light but don’t have the durable tread for long-lasting use. I’ve also had shoes that are so heavy with tread that they are great for longer backpacking trips, but their weight seems to inconvenience the spontaneity of a quick day hike or jaunt around the next ridge or narrow. Lunas seem the perfect balance between lightness and durability. This means they’ll last longer, you’ll protect the planet by buying hardwearing goods, while not having to choose between big tread and weight.


Traveling full-time throughout the United States, I never know what situations I might be in throughout the day or what climate. In a single day we can be exploring tide pools on the Pacific Coast and by night camping in Tahoe’s snow-capped mountains. We may be running errands, standing for long hours, checking out a nearby trail or slot canyon, teaching school groups, or kicking back at camp. We might encounter snow, muddy trails, slate rock, sand, clay, or city streets. The Lunas are perfect for our spontaneous lives, mastering everything from the extraordinary new hikes and new places to the mundane of daily chores.

The Bottom Line

The Lunas are versatile and lightweight, with a sturdy tread. The Luna packs some serious traction, getting you to that ridge, peak, or alpine lake, slip-free. But despite their grip, the Lunas are lightweight, quickly turning your pace from a lively jaunt to a run if desired. If I were unsure of the trail conditions or visiting a trail for the first time, I’d trust the Lunas to handle whatever circumstances. Overall, a great boot for diverse hiking, walking, or running. 

Donielle is working as a mobile educator, traveling the West & West Central United States teaching and inspiring responsible outdoor recreation. Since her travels began in May 2016 she has camped 150 nights and now considers herself home in the wild. Follow her adventures on Instagram @findingwildplaces. 

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