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Oboz Review: W's Wind River III Waterproof

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What is the Wind River III?


Any hiker will tell you one of the most important things they own is a good pair of shoes. For an “accident-prone” adventurer, like myself, a good pair of shoes may mean the difference between completing my trek or having my companions fight over who gets to carry me out (seriously).20180210 175337

Ambassador Carissa Logan's Wind River IIIs have taken her everywhere, from the desert to winter slopes. Images: Carissa Logan

Why The Wind River III?

Selecting a good shoe is VERY important. I found Oboz Footwear several years ago and have never gone back. With some of the 2018 adventures I had planned I knew I needed a higher boot then my normal “adventure shoes.”20170701 135145 1499047702244

Spring corn snow? Check and check.

There are 5 things I look for when selecting a hiking shoe:

  1. Light-weight: I hate feeling like I’m hiking with lead on my feet.
  2. Durability: No one wants a shoe that doesn’t last, or that won’t protect you from the terrain.
  3. Waterproof: And I mean actually waterproof, not the type where you end up with a puddle inside your shoe.
  4. Comfort: Because when you’re hiking 20 miles in a day, you gotta take care of your feet!
  5. Aesthetics: Please don’t make me look like a construction crew worker!

I decided to give the Wind River Waterproof III a try.

I’m so glad I gave it a shot, there are so many things I love about these shoes. The Wind River III truly exceeded my expectations!20180317 124301

Look good, go far.

General Impressions

True to Oboz style, the B-DRY waterproofing system never fails and still manages to let your feet breath. Plus, with the higher boot you can go through deeper water without getting wet (just in time for spring)!

Where I took Them

At first I thought I would be using my Wind River IIIs only on long, steep hikes. But the Wind River III is so comfortable it has become my go-to shoe. (Be sure and wear proper socks. On one impromptu adventure, I ended up wearing ankle socks, that was the only time I felt these shoes were uncomfortable).

Where the Wind River III excels

I have brought my Wind Rivers with me on a variety of terrain: slick rock in the dessert, steep climbs up snow and ice, through rivers and muddy trails. They handled it all like a champ!


On ice their traction is incredible. While my companions are putting on micro-spikes, the Wind River III has enough grip to get me through.


In the desert their breathability is a dream, and the dual zone lacing keeps the shoe snug against my ankles preventing rocks, sand, snow or anything else that tends to sneak into a shoe. This may be my favorite feature, have you ever had a small rock in your shoe while carrying a 60-pound backpack? Not anymore!


The only challenge I had was the Wind River III is a heavier shoe than I was accustomed.  After a few minutes this ended up not bothering me. And when compared to other hiking boots I’ve used, the Wind River III weighs in lighter.


The Wind River III is a great shoe to see even the most accident-prone adventurer through their next trek. 

Carissa Logan loves her 9-5 job but lives for the outdoors. She is happiest when she is up on a mountain or deep in a canyon. She is the creator of Weekend Impossible where she encourages herself and others find the adventure in everyday life. Follow her adventure on instagram at

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