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Photo Essay: Arctic Arts Project

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Cover Image: Arctic Arts Team members Kerry Koepping, Carsten Egevang, Orvar Porgeirsson. Images courtesy of Arctic Arts Project.

The goal of the Arctic Arts Project is to explore and document the kinetic change occurring in the Arctic and give a visual “voice” to the science of that change.

This spring and summer, Oboz boots accompanied the Arctic Arts team of photographers on an unprecedented journey and proved most worthy of the test. The radical temperature swings, the swampy bogs of melting permafrost, and the tentative footings all put the Oboz product to the extreme challenge. The Arctic environment can be simply put, harsh.

PinkMoon 3962fb

The team’s response…”Possibly the best boots we’ve ever worn,” “Straight out of the box we hiked in upwards of 14K/day, and not a single rub mark,” “Six days in the swampy bogs and still dry.”

Scoresby Berg in the Sunset 9881FB

Where Does Your Adventure Take You

The Arctic Arts team’s most recent expeditions traveled to Eqi Glacier on the Western edge of the Greenland Ice SheetScoresby SundGreenlandSvalbard Archipeligo, Norway, the Icelandic Highlands and the Northern Yukon of Canada

Photographers Kerry Koepping, Joshua Holko, Carsten Egevang, Marc Muench, Iurie Belegurschi, Orvar Porgeirsson, and Andy Williams captured this stunning imagery of climate change in the Arctic.

Spring Expedition- Scoresby Sund Greenland-

Temperatures -15ºC to -32ºC

The team's goal was to spend 9 days out on the ice with the Inuit Hunters to document societal and lifestyle changes to the indigegenous, brought on by climate change.

Carsten Sleddogs

Greenlandic Sled Team with Carsten Egevang.

IMG3560 1080Pixels copy

Polar Bear tracks  with a “sundog.”

AuroraCamp1 2677

Arctic Camp under a full moon and Aurora.

Eqi Expedition- West Greenland Ice Sheet

Temperatures 3ºC to -3ºC 

The team's goal was to spend 10 days at the western edge of the Greenland Ice Sheet documenting the rapid flow and melt of the Jakobshavn and Eqi Glaciers- Two of the fastest moving glaciers in the world.  

JakobshavnLight 0256FB

Jakobshavn Icebergs under an Aurora Sky.

Kanjia Passing By 0643FB

Jakobshavn Icebergs floating down the Kanjia Fjord. 

Team Eqi 0277

Arctic Arts Team Members at Eqi Glacier Ridge Camp.

Iceland Highlands

Temperatures 7ºC to 1ºC

The team's goal was to document Glacial runoff from the Icelandic Ice Caps.  

OrvarIceCave 1905

Orvar Porgeirsson in an ice cave under the Eyjafjallajökull ice cap.

LeekyFoss 5929FB

Kerry Koepping, Marc Muench, Iurie Belegurschi, Orvar Porgeirsson, and Andy Williams at Sigöldugljufur, Iceland- The hidden treasure of a canyon.

Follow the Arctic Arts Project on Facebook and learn more on the team's website:

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