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Photo Essay: Agave Trail, Alcatraz Island, California

Cameron Davison | Oboz Ambassador

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Beauty on The Rock. That's what I found during a recent trip to San Francisco. If you're in the Bay Area and the birds aren't nesting, make the trip. It's a stunning contrast of colors and joy amidst such an intense place.

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Ambassador Cameron Davison, a.k.a. "Daddy Bookins" is based in Chandler, AZ., and loves to explore the desert on foot. Check him out here and follow him on Instagram at @daddybookins.

Cameron  Davison

Name: Cameron Davison

Hometown: Chandler, AZ

Where I’ve Been: Most often, you'll find me, a.k.a. "Daddy Bookins," hiking desert trails in my home state of Arizona with my wife and kid. One highlight? Covering more than 55 miles of backpacking in the Grand Canyon over 7 days.

Why I Hike: The adventure! Hiking lets me disconnect from a hectic life on the grid.

Where To Next? More Grand Canyon adventures. Local Valley hikes and to start crossing off the AZ2020.

Find Me:

Instagram: @daddybookins

Facebook: @daddybookins

Twitter: @daddybookins


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