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Photo Essay: Yellowstone National Park

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Most people think of bison, bears, and wolves when they think of Yellowstone National Park. Or perhaps geysers, mud pots, or colorful hot springs come to mind when you imagine the world’s first national park.

I think of all those things, too, but I also think about flowers. Yes, wildflowers. Here are just a few of my favorites from this outstanding summer and fall.


This is my second favorite flower of all time – larkspur or Delphinium. They bring me joy every summer. All photos: Melynda Harrison

Leopard Lily

I haven’t seen many of these exquisite leopard lilies in the park, and might not have seen this one if someone had pointed it out to me. It pays to slow down and look around.


(Pictured above). Sometimes flowers line up just right with a nice backcountry waterfall.


I love this flower's vibrant color and simplicity.

Wolves (Or their prints)

Even when I am on a mission to see flowers, I can’t pass up a chance to compare my Mystic Low BDry Oboz with a wolf print.

Melynda Harrison is a writer based in Livingston, Montana. She is also the author of Ski Trails of Southwest Montana, Twenty Family-Friendly Hikes in Yellowstone, andYellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks First Time Trip Guide for Families. Melynda's, is the premier travel company specializing in vacation coaching and itinerary building for travel in and around Yellowstone National Park. Follow her adventures at

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