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Plant More Trees: Oboz and Trees for the Future

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Since day one, Oboz Footwear has planted a tree for every pair of boots or shoes sold.

That's not to say we grab a shovel, head out of our offices in Bozeman, Montana, and dig a hole into which we toss a sapling (though we do also do that on occasion!). 

Our ‘One More Tree’ program actually has far more impact, thanks to our tireless tree-planting partner, Trees for the Future, a non-profit that helps individuals and communities in Sub Saharan Africa plant trees.

Trees for the Future

Here’s how our partnership works.  For every pair of shoes we sell through our retailers, we get out the checkbook and make a donation directly to Trees for the Future. They do the good and dirty work of planting trees—over 100 million since 1989. As for us, we're proud to say we've "planted" 1.5 million and counting.

Plant Trees. Change Lives.

Trees for the Future says it best: ‘Plant Trees. Change Lives.’  They harness the restorative power of plants to provide communities in Sub Saharan Africa with trees, seeds, tools and knowledge to ensure a sustainable future.

Forest Gardens

Four thousand. That’s the amount of trees planted in a dense “forest garden” alongside vegetables, to give a large family just about everything they need to thrive. These gardens become a reliable source of income. They provide food to eat, stability from weather, pests and market fluctuations, feed for livestock, and fuel for cooking. The practice combines the benefits of trees with the productivity of agriculture, so that families can use their gift of trees wisely for years to come.

We’re proud—through the support of our retail partners and fans—to help green the world.

Guest Blogger

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