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Review: Sawtooth Low BDry

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If nothing else, I have always strived to be the most thorough gear tester of all gear testers. So, when I say that the Sawtooth Low BDry is the best – I mean it. Short of molten lava and rattlesnakes, I have quite literally run these shoes through everything (including hardened lava and moose poop) – and we’re both still standing. The Sawtooths certainly have more character now and I have some extra scars, but we both have a lot of miles left to go.

Instead of running you through the facts and figures that make the Sawtooth’s what they are (you can find those on Oboz’s website), I’m going to tell you about the things we’ve run through together.

Heinous Piles of Snow, Ice, Slush, and the Epic Winter of 2015

Let’s kick things off with the winter of 2015 where we got over 100 inches of snow and forgot what dirt looked like until April. It was also the winter where walking in shoes that didn’t have super traction meant eating a lot of snow (or ice).

Fortunately, the Sawtooths are designed with this awesome outsole full of beefy lugs that kept me standing, dry, and relatively warm (there was no winning in -26F temps).

Unidentified Scat in 4 States & 2 Countries

I swear I’m a magnet for stepping in things I shouldn’t be which makes me glad we really don’t have anything too terrible in New England like poisonous snakes or sinkholes. But we do have moose poop, bear poop, and all sorts of other less than lovely things to step in – and I have in fact stepped in all of those. Of course, as luck would have it my luck didn’t change one bit once I got to Portugal. Free range cows and hiking trails meant my poor Sawtooths got run through even more.

With all that being said, I’d like to sincerely thank the shoe designer who made the exterior of the Sawtooth’s scat proof. Really they were designing them to be waterproof and super abrasion resistant – but we all know what the true intention was.

Rocks. So Many Rocks.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m less than graceful. We’ve gotten to the point that while hiking my husband goes out of his way to warn me of loose rocks, bad footing, or obstacles. Despite the warnings I still manage to slide, trip, or kick rocks.

I’m not going to say that the Sawtooth’s have given me any magical abilities, but I have definitely earned less scars this year (YEAH!). I’m thinking I might be able to attribute that to those beefy lugs that I mentioned above and a great fit.

Happy Hiking! 

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