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Trail Running with the Emerald Peak

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The Oboz Emerald
captured my interest as a possible trail running shoe right from the
start. That great grippy Oboz traction
with the weight and stylings of a sneaker made it hard to resist trying. My
morning routine often consists of quick trail runs (quick being anything from
3-8 miles depending on my mood), and then often I am heading out to do other
activities, so versatility was important to me as well.

running 2

I’ve put on 85 trail running miles on my Emerald Peaks, and I’ve also used them for leisurely
strolls. On trails of wet rock, sandy and packed soil, and rock scrambles they
did as wonderful as all my other Oboz footwear. I never once felt that my
traction was going to slip causing injury, my footfalls were sturdy.

They have also held up extremely well even though they have
been rubbed up against massive tree roots, slopped through mud and even used as
the occasional dog chew toy!

running 1

I recommend these for those who are looking for a durable
high quality show that can take you from a down and dirty trail run to going to
pick up the kids from school, or meet friends for drinks, or hop on your townie
bike and cruise around. It’s a versatile, comfortable shoe that holds up to

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