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What is #HTT365 (And why should you join)?

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Cover image: Hike 365 miles in a year, and you'll see the world through a range of colors and seasons. All images: Adam Nutting

Last December, I looked back at all of the adventures I had been on and all of the hiking I had accomplished. Even though I had hiked many miles, I wasn’t satisfied. I wanted to have done more. The thought wouldn’t leave me, and then when I was out on a hike, I had a brainstorm: create a challenge to hike 365 miles in 365 days and get as many people as I could to join.

More than anything the idea was to hold myself accountable to hike more miles than I had the previous year and maybe get a few others to join.  Enter #HTT365, a challenge to hike at least 365 miles in 2016! As we all know it can be hard when “life happens” and we are not able to hike as many miles as we had hoped that week or month. Also weather can be a big hindrance, keeping people away from the trails for weeks on end as well. There is no prize other than bragging rights.


At least no prizes lined up currently. 

Little did I know that we would have over 90 users sign up and using the system in the first year. Watching the project grow from an idea to a fully functioning system has been fun to watch. Users have been sharing their photos on social media and tagging them with #htt365. Following others adventures and becoming inspired by their photos helps get myself and many others out onto the trails each week.  At this point I am sure you are wondering why you should join in?

The system was designed to be easy and simple to use. No over the top fancy features. You sign up and begin logging your miles each time you go hiking. The system keeps a running total of your miles and a log of all of the entries you make. Your mileage is shared on the Leaderboard against the rest of those participating to give you an Idea of how you are doing as well as allow you to get to know your fellow challengers.  

Making a point to spend more time in the outdoors should be on everyones to do list. Many always say that nature, the oceans, and the mountains will be there forever, but can you make the time and accept the 365 Challenge? 

Adam Nutting is the founder of

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