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What We're Thankful For—a Photo Essay

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Cover Photo: Aaron Hussmann says he is "Thankful for the night sky. There are less than 10,000 stars visible to the naked eye, even in the darkest of skies, and yet, there are billions in the milky way alone. The night sky teaches us to think beyond our own immediate perspective." Photo credit: Aaron Hussmann 

We asked our ambassadors to show and tell us what they're thankful for. Here's what they said:

Ryan Huetter: I'm thankful to be able to travel around the world and experience other culture, cuisine, and amazing climbing with friends new and old.

IMG 2951

Ryan Huetter climbs in Kalymnos, Greece this week. Photo credit: Jen Reynolds

Craig Romano: I am thankful for my loving family and our incredible array of national parks, forests, and wild places.

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Craig in front of Tolmie Peak, Mount Rainier National Park with his mother, father, wife, Heather, and son, Giovanni. Photo credit: Craig Romano

Rich Van Antwerp: I’m thankful that I rediscovered the outdoor pleasures of my youth and can again enjoy and marvel at the amazing beauty of nature in the woods and the mountains.

rsz img 4105

Rich on the summit of Mt Sniktau, Colorado. “Dreams are not meant to put us to sleep, but to awaken us”

Brenda Johima: I am grateful daily, for the serenity, her beauty, power and the ever-changing moods, colors and textures of nature, the forest and ocean.


Fanny Bay, British Columbia, Canada. Photo credit: Brenda Johima

Adam Noll: I'm thankful for my family.

IMG 7627

Renee Patrick: I'm thankful for wild places to explore!

Renee Patrick Oboz life

Renee Patrick finds inspiration on Diablo Rim, part of the Oregon Desert Trail.

Lisa Verwys: I am thankful for all of the encouraging, positive, adventurous friends who have helped me find and embrace my place in the world. We all shine brighter when we're surrounded by love and support.

IMG 1359

Lisa in Paradise Valley, MT on an annual summer solstice adventure hike (a tradition where we find a new trail to explore and take advantage of all the daylight). Photo credit: Blair Speed

Sandy Tarburton: I am thankful for my family for spending time with me outdoors exploring beautiful places and experiencing nature in all its moods.

Allagash sandy tarburton

Solitude in the Allagash. Photo credit: Sandy Burton

John Stephens: During this holiday season I'm so thankful for the amazing, peaceful nature that surrounds me in the Eastern United States. The breathtaking forests, trails, and state parks close by in North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia give me an opportunity to escape life for a while and appreciate the divine beauty of the forest. 

rsz image1

Photo credit: John Stephens

Benjamin Jordan: I am grateful for having the chance to learn about myself through the eyes of others.

2016 06 02 malawi sony still 129 4006

Benjamin Jordan in Malawi earlier this year. Photo credit: Benjamin Jordan

Sage Clegg: I'm thankful for my wonderful partner, my mobility, and our beautiful & vast public lands.

IMG 9340

Sage and her partner Adam's Oboz warm in front of the Hagar Mountain Lookout stove. Photo credit: Sage Clegg.

Belinda James: I am grateful for the opportunity to bring my son up doing things like hiking, camping and simply being outside. 


Nate takes a rest  on The Coastal Track south of Sydney in Royal National Park, Australia. Photo credit: Belinda James

Kristen Lummis: I am thankful for my husband and best friend, James. Together we've meandered down trails and climbed peaks.

IMG 7405

Kristen and her life/trail/adventure partner. Photo credit: Kristen Lummis

Joyce Britton: I am thankful for the ability to climb mountains and for the lessons of perseverance those pursuits have taught me on and off the trails. We can learn a lot from the mountains and I am happy to call them home.

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At home in the mountains. Photo credit: Joyce Britton

Scott Gauvin: I'm thankful that my daughter is continuing to take an interest in the outdoors with me. I'm a little less thankful that she is beginning to raid my outdoor closet. 

image1 161123 212855

Photo credit: Scott Gauvin

Adam Nutting: I am thankful for awesome friends who also enjoy the outdoors as much as I do. 


Photo credit: Adam Nutting

Elisabeth Brentano: Aside from being able to experience amazing autumn colors on two different continents this year, right now I’m most thankful for my health, and for all the people I know I can depend. Whether it’s pushing through a challenging time or a basking in a magical moment, the world really is a beautiful place.


Yosemite National Park in early November. Photo credit: Elisabeth Brentano  

Pedro Bobkat: I'm thankful for everything.

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Photo credit: Pedro Bobkat

Shawn Forry: I'm thankful for the unhindered access to the outdoors and the opportunities to explore new spaces.


Shawn canoeing and hiking in Killarney Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada. Photo credit: Shawn Forry.

Lina Thompson: I am thankful for everything. My family who supported me through my journey of endless ups & downs, the lessons learnt from my mistakes, the comebacks after setbacks, the blessings in little things, the opportunity to go on ventures others can only dream of and the ability to never take anything for granted.


Photo credit: Lina Thompson

Matt Allenbaugh: That there are people fighting to protect our wild lands. Like the groups fighting to protect this spot, Symm's Gap, on the Appalachian Trail from a pipeline development.

IMG 7603

Photo credit: Matt Allenbaugh

At the heart of everything we do are the folks who make the magic happen. A group of likeminded footwear-industry vets who left our big-brand jobs back in 2007 intent on doing business a better way. 

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