What's In a Shoe? Everything.

Whats In A Shoe Feature

My shoes are the foundation of all routes travelled, one of the most important types of support for a journey.

So far this year, my Oboz have kicked steps in the snow to the base of a sunny climb in Banff National Park. They’ve helped me practice self arresting in the snow (thanks to the new Oboz Bridger 7" Insulated Waterproof boot, my feet stayed warm and dry).

Whats in a shoe 1
A wolverine approaches the research station. Image: Mirjam Barrueto

More recently Oboz boots supported and kept my feet dry while volunteering with Wolverine Watch to set bait stations and collect camera data for the elusive wolverine.

Known as king of the forest, wolverines are able to fight off bears. But there’s a lack of data on the species, which are important charismatic mega fauna, indicators of healthy ecosystems.

Whats in a shoe 2b

Wolverine Watch researcher Mirjam Barrueto snowshoes in to check cameras at wolverine research station. Image: Shauna Morey

For over four years researchers with Wolverine Watch have been raising funds to collect imagery and DNA samples on wolverines. The research began in the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks of Alberta and has expanded west into the Purcell Mountains of British Columbia.

Whats in a shoe 3
A wolverine atop run in front of camera. Image: Mirjam Barrueto

(To find out more information on this charismatic mega fauna, or to donate to support ongoing wolverine research, check out http://www.wolverinewatch.org or www.facebook.com/wolverinewatc... )

Throughout, my boots have been my steadfast companion.

And where will these boots lead to next?

I’m thinking about heading west.

Hopefully this year there’s a spring rock climbing trip, five weeks of hiking in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, three weeks of kayaking in Clayoquot sound, another backpacking trip around Whistler, and a few alpine climbing trips in the works.

That’s the beauty of boots like these. I know they can make the trip, so I owe it to them to make the trip happen.


Shauna Morey is a guide based in Canmore, Alberta, Canada. Find her at www.freeheelinadventures.com.


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