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From the Beginning to Now: A Note from Wildland Trekking's owners:

At Wildland Trekking, we have been providing premier hiking adventures since 2005. Built on the dream and concept of "If you had one year to live, what would you do with it?". The answer was, for all of us, traveling the world and being immersed in nature. This is what we considered a life well-lived. In 2005, we started operating trips in Grand Canyon, Utah and Yellowstone, and every year we've added destinations. We now operate in 9 states and 31 national parks and wilderness areas in the USA, as well as 9 countries internationally.

The number one, most important factor in the years since we founded Wildland has been the amazing people who have chosen to dedicate their time and careers to Wildland. From guides to program managers to headquarters staff and Adventure Consultants, we've been truly blessed to attract brilliant and talented team members. But from the beginning, Wildland has been about much more than business. It's been a vehicle to create a positive impact in people's lives and on our planet. There are four aspects to the difference we are striving to make: 

  • Enriching guests' lives through powerful hiking experiences
  • Creating a workplace that improves the lives of Wildland staff
  • Contributing to the conservation of the wild places in which we work
  • Contributing to the health of local communities, particularly in our international destinations like Nepal, Peru, Ecuador...etc.

Accommodating approximately 10,000 guests annually, with 98% "Excellent" post-trip evaluations and #1 spots on 5 National Park Trip Advisor pages, and donating tens of thousands of dollars annually to conservation efforts, we feel we are having the positive impact we envisioned. But there's always more to do. 

Our goals are to continue to reach more and more people through our hikes, and to introduce them to what, for us, is and always has been an essential part of a life well-lived: that connection with the natural world.

Our trips connect guests with the natural world in deep and surprising ways, inspire them through adventure, and support them in achieving life-list goals like hiking Rim to Rim in the Grand Canyon, reaching Everest Basecamp, summiting Kilimanjaro, or hiking Half Dome in Yosemite.


To be a global leader in the adventure travel industry by providing exceptional hiking adventures, in a responsibly sustainable way, which promotes the conservation of both natural and human communities.

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