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All images: Benjamin Jordan

You like hiking right? 

Imagine every hike you set out on had the same end, but a completely random beginning. Imagine having to rely on your memory, having only seen the terrain for a brief moment, in order to get yourself safely back to civilization. This is my reality and why I love paragliding so much.


To keep things interesting in the sky, I'm always flying a route at the top of my ability. Sometimes things work out and I can fly back home. But just as often, I will have misread the conditions and end up landing several valleys away; This is where a whole new kind of adventure begins.


With limited daylight remaining, I pack up my gear and look for rivers, trails or humans. And, though my objective is to find a road, the most satisfying things I will find lay between my random starting point and that road.

Sometimes it'll be a river to bathe in, other times an old woman forcing me to consume her buttermilk and no matter what, a parade of children, growing in numbers and excitement, as I journey onward.


My route will often lead through quaint little homesteads, small farms and past inspiring examples of human innovation: Old, stone or wooden aquaducts, water powered grinding mills or trains of mules or yak delivering goods to a nearby village.


And with a week's supply of dairy and a following of children that would leave the pied piper gutted with envy, sure as the sunsets, I will eventually link up to a road, stick my thumb out and hop on a truck, bus or motorcycle heading back to the village I call home.

Benjamin Jordan recently paraglided the entire span of Canada’s southwestern mountain ranges in his “Pacific to Prairie” adventure. In 39 days he covered 1,000 kilometers, the first 100 km of which were on foot. Learn more at his website, and follow him on Facebook and Instagram

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