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W Sapphire Low B Dry Charcoal Beachglass Side
Oboz Review: W's Sapphire Low Waterproof
By Logan Dralle

The Sapphire Low is a great shoe for around the town and on low elevation trails and it’s become my go-to choice for pavement and...

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Imogene Cover
Which Boot? The W's Bridger Mid or W's Sawtooth Mid?
By Imogene_Cancellare

Cover: Where to next? Ambassador Imogene Cancellare plans to take her Sawtooth Mids wherever that ends up being.

I feel I’ve been training for my entire...

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Oboz Selway
Oboz Review: Men’s Selway Flip
By Caleb Walker

Sandals are my go to footwear, whether it’s shoulder season or the peak of summer. That guy who wears sandals with socks when it’s...

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Canyons Hiking With Pack
Mid vs. Low boots: How to Choose What’s Right for You
By Molly_Herber

Cover image: Hiking in the canyons of Utah. Photo by Jennie Fiala.

“You’re wearing those?”

My friend and I were packing up her car for our...

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20180307 162336
Oboz Review: W's Wind River III Waterproof
By Carissa Logan

What is the Wind River III?


Any hiker will tell you one of the most important things they own is a good pair of shoes. For...

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Brand Identification Guidelines
Gear Review: W's Juniper Mid Waterproof
By Imogene_Cancellare

I’ve been wearing Oboz boots for 8 years. I bought my first pair in 2010 and have loved their ability to traverse all sorts of...

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Img 57061
Oboz Review: Men's Campster
By Nkrumah Frazier

There are few things more bothersome than setting out on a 12-15 mile hike and ending up limping back into camp or to your car...

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Bridger M S 2
Oboz Review: Men's Bridger Mid Waterproof
By Jacques_Turcotte

As a hiker with size 14, narrow feet I went through A LOT of different boots in my search for the perfect pair.

Have Bridgers, will...
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170527 Oboz M2 M 046
Main Street to Mountains: Footwear for Women Who Do It All
By Rachel Walker

Designed for and exclusively tested by women, the unique “Main Street to Mountains” line delivers on a long-standing promise made by Obo: many of us...

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Gear Review: Women's Bridger Mid Waterproof
By Erin_Pannazzo

The Bridger Mid is a boot with a sole for adventure! (See what I did there?). Corny puns aside, this boot will take you places...

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Mens Mendenhall Tarmac 1 1
Oboz Review: Mendenhall
By Rachel Walker

Let's get one thing out of the way: this is (ostensibly) a man's shoe. I am not a man. But I love this shoe. I...

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