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Court Family Hile
Everything You Need to Know to Get Non-Hikers Hiking
By Courtnee_Sinhlapasai

This summer I was able to take my family on their very first hike. I finally was able to share my passion of the outdoors...

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Photo Aug 22 3 29 23 Pm
The Bucket List: Where to Hike Before You Die
By Jacques_Turcotte

The pull of the road is strong, the desire to explore new and wild places is ever present in my mind. Yet before August of...

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Alaska Group Backpacking
How to Pack Your Backpack
By Molly_Herber

Image: Taking in the views of Denali while hiking out to the road after 30 days in the wilderness on a NOLS backpacking expedition. Photo...

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How To Carry Heavy Load Cover
How to Carry a Heavy Load
By Sophie Pavelle

We all love the idea of a hike that’s a bit extra. A hike that requires a bit of planning, a bit of training and...

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Erin Anna1
How to Raise a Trail Pup
By Erin_Pannazzo

My puppy was perfect from day one.

Newly adopted, she never once soiled the floors inside. She didn’t bark, and always respected children, adults, and...

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So You Want to Hike The Enchantments in Washington's Central Cascades?
By Logan Dralle

Washington state is home to The Enchantments, a rugged area in the central Cascades located within the Alpine Lakes Wilderness in the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest...

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Zion Narrows1
How to Hike The Narrows, Zion National Park, Utah
By Carissa Logan

Ask anyone who has been to Zion National Park and odds are they will tell you about their time in The Narrows, in the North...

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Img 2448
How To Pack the Best First Aid Kit
By Cameron Davison

When I first started hiking, I single handedly represented all the newbies out there.

Sneakers, jeans, one heck of a heavy water bottle while aimlessly...

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Solo Camping Vermont 3
How a Summer of Solo Camping Made me Love the Outdoors
By Tara_Schatz

It wasn’t the pitter-patter of raindrops on the walls of my tent that woke me, but the incessant whine of Dolly, the black lab puppy...

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Rsz Frazier Blue Ridge Parkway
How to Raise an Outdoors Kid
By Nkrumah Frazier

I grew up on a farm in rural Mississippi, where I hunted and fished and tended a garden. I learned how the natural world works...

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Caitlin Mount St  George Helmet Ice Axe
Mountaineering 101: How to Safely Begin Exploring in the Mountains
By Caitlin McKenzie

Getting into the high country can seem insurmountable at first. But with the right tools, education, gear, and partners, it’s entirely possible. Not too long...

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