Category: Trail Tales
I Completed the AT. Here's What I Learned
By Bruce_Matson

Ed. note: Bruce filed this story in late August and successfully completed the Appalachian Trail on September 10, 2018. Here is his story. All images:...

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Court Family Hile
Everything You Need to Know to Get Non-Hikers Hiking
By Courtnee_Sinhlapasai

This summer I was able to take my family on their very first hike. I finally was able to share my passion of the outdoors...

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Photo Aug 22 3 29 23 Pm
The Bucket List: Where to Hike Before You Die
By Jacques_Turcotte

The pull of the road is strong, the desire to explore new and wild places is ever present in my mind. Yet before August of...

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Araphao Nf Shrine Pass Kayla Davis
Tending Our Trails: How You Can Help
By Guest Blogger

Cover: Shrine Pass on the Arapaho National Forest. Image: Kayla Davis

158,600. It’s a big number that represents one of America’s most beloved resources—the miles of...

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Erin Anna1
How to Raise a Trail Pup
By Erin_Pannazzo

My puppy was perfect from day one.

Newly adopted, she never once soiled the floors inside. She didn’t bark, and always respected children, adults, and...

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20180819 Livingston Cover
Dispatches from the Mountainside
By Aaron_Theisen

Cover image: The Oboz Livingston Low works hard and plays hard. All images: Aaron Theisen.

The life of a travel writer and photographer tends to be...

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Img 1734
Photo Essay: Agave Trail, Alcatraz Island, California
By Cameron Davison

Beauty on The Rock. That's what I found during a recent trip to San Francisco. If you're in the Bay Area and the birds aren't...

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So You Want to Hike The Enchantments in Washington's Central Cascades?
By Logan Dralle

Washington state is home to The Enchantments, a rugged area in the central Cascades located within the Alpine Lakes Wilderness in the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest...

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Moro Rock
#AmbassadorLife: True to The Trail
By Courtnee_Sinhlapasai

Ed. Note: Sometimes it’s so easy to get caught up in gear and map-reading, trip planning, and talking about getting outside. Our ambassadors have the...

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Caitlin Grizzly Lake Tombstones
Backpacking through Tombstone Territorial Park, Yukon Territory, Canada
By Caitlin McKenzie

The Yukon Territory’s Tombstone Mountains are often called the “Patagonia of the North” and are best known for their stunning tundra landscapes, rugged peaks, and...

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Zion Narrows1
How to Hike The Narrows, Zion National Park, Utah
By Carissa Logan

Ask anyone who has been to Zion National Park and odds are they will tell you about their time in The Narrows, in the North...

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