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Ambassador Molly Herber
Molly Herber

Name: Molly Herber

Hometown: Edina, Minnesota

Passion: Putting words together (closely followed by rock climbing and taking it easy in the morning) ...

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Ambassador Two Wheeled Nomad Lisa Morris And Jason Spafford
Two Wheeled Nomad

Name: Lisa Morris and Jason Spafford

Hometown: Nomadic; originally from England, Lisa and Jason are on a very extended worldwide motorcycle trip.


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Ambassador Taylor Flynn
Taylor Flynn

Name: Taylor Flynn

Hometown: Pensacola, Florida

Passion: Photography and exploring

Where I’ve Been: Any location I end up, I always find a way to...

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Ambassador Steve Ruskay
Steve Ruskay

Name: Steve Ruskay

Nickname: Rudski, Snowman Steve

Hometown: Seguin, Ontario, Canada, on the beautiful shore of Georgian Bay.

Passion: Organizing and guiding...

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Ambassador Shawn Forry
Shawn Forry

Name: Shawn Forry

Hometown: Soda Springs, California

Passion: Pushing the limitations of ultralight travel, having logged more than 25,000 miles of wilderness experience.


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Ambassador Shauna Morey
Shauna Morey

Name: Shauna Morey

Hometown: Canmore, Alberta, Canada

Trail Name: Flower

Passion: Admiration for wilderness and adventure led me to seek the wild...

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Ambassador Sage Clegg
Sage Clegg

Name: Sage Clegg

Hometown: Bend, Oregon

Passion: Sharing the outdoors with others, sewing (, gardening, walking, searching for cool rocks & flowers & critters, remodeling...

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Ambassador Renee Patrick

Name: Renee Patrick

Trail Name: She-ra

Hometown: Bend, Oregon

Passion: I’ve been fortunate enough to stumble upon my dream job and am now working...

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Ambassador Paul Anderson
Paul Anderson

Name: Paul Anderson

Hometown: 'High Wycombe' in Buckinghamshire, England

Passion: Exploring and Bushcraft, immersion in the natural environment and acquiring survival skills


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Ambassador Nick Myers
Nick Myers

Name: Nick Myers

Hometown: Beaufort, South Carolina

Trail Name: AK

Passion: Sharing hiking and wilderness therapy with veterans, especially those suffering from service-connected...

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Ambassador Lorenzo Politano
Lorenzo Politano

Name: Lorenzo Politano

Hometown: Bozeman, MT.

Passion: Long walks in the woods, riddles, the smell of rich ponderosa pine and singing to the tune of...

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Ambassador Lindsay Coe
Lindsay Coe

Name: Lindsay Coe

Hometown: Boulder, CO.

Passion: Travel and mountains. And also photography, writing, social justice, and development.

Where I’ve Been: I...

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