Oboz Trail Experience 2024

Our 2024 calendar is underway. Check back often for updated event details!

Re-discover favorite trails, learn about new or lesser-known trails, push your limits, and recreate locally with the Oboz Trail Experience. You can compete against local legends, your peers, or yourself if that’s more your style. 

And, if you want to plant trees while you’re hiking, join the virtual, “hike anywhere” Oboz Trails for Trees Challenge, happening in April!

You’ll have one month to complete each Experience and Challenge, but no worries if you’re late to the game—register any time throughout the month and finish as many trail segments as you can.

If you love to walk, hike, run, and in some cases even Nordic ski, on trails, these Oboz events are for you. 

All events are free, and sign-up is easy.

2024 Oboz Trails For Trees Hiking Challenge
2024 Oboz Trails For Trees Hiking Challenge

April 1st - 30th

Plant Trees by Hiking

A Virtual "Hike Anywhere" Event. Unleash your inner trailblazer and hike as many trails as you can in the entire month of April. The more you hike, the more trees you will plant, and the more chances you have to win prizes from Oboz and partner companies.