Meet the Oboz Team

Here at Oboz, we are hikers, anglers, runners, foragers, skiers, hunters, knitters, bikers, guitar players, dog-walkers, and fun-chasers. We are different, but we have a collective love of the trail that enables us to create hiking boots and footwear that’s always worthy of the task at hand.

Amy Beck with her furry best friend

Amy Beck

Madame President

Rob Leo snowboarding at Bridger Bowl ski area.

Rob Leo

Wolf of Wallace Street

Dan Wehunt running with his dog in a race

Dan Wehunt

Footwear Generator

Megan Shiverdecker holding her dog

Megan Shiverdecker

Wheeler and Dealer

Kelly Thurston on a hike

Kelly Thurston

Educated Guesser

Christian Schumacher and his dog

Christian Schumacher

Engineer of Bartering

Corey McPherson on a hike

Corey McPherson

Product Enthusiast

Jasmin Chang enjoying the outdoors

Jasmin Chang

Chaperon of Fabrication

Peter Carioscia playing music on top of an mountain

Peter Carioscia

Touring Tutor

Regan Betts with her dog

Regan Betts

Content Creating Content

Scott Wilfling mountain biking

Scott Wilfling

Merchant Maestro

Zent enjoying a nice hike


Inspector Extraordinaire

Wendy Stanley enjoying a view of a winter landscape.

Wendy Stanley

Gamer of Phones

Krystina Beatty enjoying a nice ski session

Krystina Beatty

Nomadic Shoe Monger

Julie Ham enjoying time outside with her dog

Julie Ham

Relationship Coach

Brett Hinman enjoying some downhill kiing

Brett Hinman

Problem Zamboni

Abigail Cook smiling on the beach

Abigail Cook

Social Savant

Stephanie Dominguez having a great time with her dog

Stephanie Fouts

Optimizer Prime

Amanda Taylor is happy in the woods

Amanda Taylor

Count-y Sheriff

Josh Wise caught a fish

Josh Wise

Chief Doodler

Otto Stefan

Otto Stefan

Shoe Architect

Steve Lowry exploring in the snowy mountains

Steve Lowry

Facilitator of Gear, Stuff, and Things

Jeni Anthon having fun with her son

Jeni Anthon

Countess of Bean

Esther du Crocq on the trail with her loyal dog companion

Esther du Crocq

Retail Architect Rockstar

Jenn Kotila exploring

Jenn Kotila

Key Feature

Kaci Norberg on the trail

Kaci Norberg

Human Sorceror

Sean Larson hiking on a beach

Sean Larson

Gear Builder

Ginny Galbreth with her son in front of a waterfall

Ginny Galbreth

Captain Communicator

Kenny Gamblin camping

Kenny Gamblin

Storytelling Guru

Zach Kincaid at an overlook in Glacier National Park

Zach Kincaid

Whimsical Webmaster

Mike Newlands at the Oboz office waving at the camera.

Mike Newlands

Master Magician of Predicting the Future

Pete Duncan swaggin at the top of a mountain

Pete Duncan

Alt Text Aficionado

Taylor Nishimoto hiking with her two dogs Moose and Otter.

Taylor Nishimoto

Supply Scholar

Dylan Cabral crushing some mountain biking trails in the Montana forest

Dylan Cabral

Not a Robot

Andrew Clarke on the hunt for some fresh powder while skiing in Montana

Andrew Clarke

Shoe Contriver

Martijn Linden hiking the Zion Traverse in Utah.

Martijn Linden

Brand Believer

Liz Uhl on a dock enjoying some time by a lake.

Liz Uhl

Authorization Ace

Josh Romano battling a crab while fishing in the ocean.

Josh Romano

Assistant To The Chief Doodler

Jenna hiking with her dog on a Montana trail.

Jenna Dodge

Penny Processor

Oboz employee hiking on rocky mountain peak

Anna Winter

Number Ninja

Oboz employee hiking on rocky mountain peak

Chris Oscanyan

East Coast Empath 

Oboz employee hiking with his happy dog.

Matt Carara

Product Prognosticator

Oboz employee river rafting.

Taylor Davidson

Solution Specialist

Oboz employee hiking on rocky mountain.

Riley Quinn

Midwest Maven

Oboz employee fishing with dog.

Megan Taylor

Office Overseer

Oboz employee backpacking in the mountains.

Zachary Rhodes

Kicker of Assets

Oboz employee hiking in the mountains.

Paige King

Content Connoisseur

Oboz employee smiling in the mountains.

Jenna Meyers-Sinett

Shoe Puzzler

Oboz employee smiling.

Tom Brooks

Associate Bean Counter

Oboz employee with his dog at the lake.

Joel Conybear

Pied Piper of Eastern Sales