Last year we wanted to hear from you about Trailblazers in your community that made a difference. These trailblazers could be folks dedicated to helping others, advocates that are fighting for access to new trail systems and parks, community members introducing new groups to the wonders of the outdoors, or anything else going above and beyond the norm. We heard stories from people all across the US and Canada, from all sorts of walks of life, and selected 10 people that really exemplified what it meant to be an Oboz Trailblazer.

Over the coming months, we'll be spotlighting those 10 individuals, and the hard work they are doing in their communities.

Evan Gill

What makes them a Trailblazer?

“Summiting all 58 of Colorado’s 14ers began as an escape from anxiety and PTSD for Army veteran Evan Gill, but quickly evolved into a mission to bring other underrepresented populations into the outdoors.”

Check back soon for Evan's story.

Jackie Seidman

What makes them a Trailblazer?

“As a 61-year-old woman, she started a local women’s hiking group and reached over 250 members in just 4 months.”

Jeff Randa

What makes them a Trailblazer?

“Jeff is a member of the Poudre Wilderness Volunteers and spends endless amounts of his time helping maintain and patrol trails in the Poudre Canyon, Roosevelt National Forest and Pawnee Buttes National Grasslands.”

Joel Meline

What makes them a Trailblazer?

“After 43 years as a mail carrier and about 15yrs also working a paper route, my Dad lost his wife and retired. But instead of turning inward with grief, my Dad has gone back to school and has taken the NOLS class.”

Check back soon for Joel's story.

Lindsay Hill

What makes them a Trailblazer?

“As the Founder of I would like to use (Oboz) boots to help Veterans get outside and heal through our programs.”

Check back soon for Lindsay's story.

Kevin Schwieger

What makes them a Trailblazer?

“In December of 2019, Kevin saw a need go get those living with disabilities out in nature, hiking where they never dreamed they could go.  He started Luke5Adventures, a non-profit that uses a unique piece of equipment to get those living with disability outside.”

Check back soon for Kevin's story.

David Gabrielli III

What makes them a Trailblazer?

“At 18 years old, David left home to pursue his dream of being a cowboy…. He has done what it takes to learn all about working on a ranch and says that he never feels like what he is doing is work.”

Check back soon for David's story.

Ayla Mae Wild

What makes them a Trailblazer?

“(Ayla) helps her fifth-grade students discover their passion for nature. Her innovative teaching methods allow her students to learn science through art.”

Check back soon for Ayla's story.

Buddy Teaster

What makes them a Trailblazer?

“Buddy is the CEO of Soles 4 Souls, a nonprofit foundation that collects new and used shoes to distribute to less fortunate people around the world. Since Buddy became CEO, he has ignited tremendous awareness and growth for their cause and distributed countless shoes and outreach to less fortunate and deserving souls.”

Check back soon for Buddy's story.

Kathleen Doherty

What makes them a Trailblazer?

“Since retiring from policing, she has continued to serve community through volunteer international humanitarian disaster response missions, weekly volunteering at the local hospice, climbed Mt Kilimanjaro in Oboz boots to raise funds for local hospice, and makes the world a better place by inspiring and motivating others.”