THE TREK - Oboz Bridger 7" BDry Insulated Boot Review

January 2019
010319 The Trek Oboz Bridger7 Ins 001

Hi, I’m Maggie and I’m Bad At Winter. I spend November through March April complaining about the cold and doing nothing productive about it, such as learning a new winter sport or moving to a warmer climate. This year, I decided to make some changes to my gear kit to see if it would help me get outside more. The first thing to get upgraded was footwear, and I ended up choosing the Oboz Bridger 7″ BDry Insulated Boots. And hey! My feet have stayed warm! Here are the details on these winter hiking boots.

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W Bridger 7 Insulated B Dry Chipmunk Out Side

Women’s Bridger 7" Insulated Waterproof

MSRP $185.00