Day Scott


Name: Day Scott

Hometown: Lander, Wyoming

Who I Am: A naturalist, wildlife photographer, minimalist, environmental educator, and outdoor leader. I love exploring the wilderness, taking long road trips, and photographing landscapes, flora and fauna.

Where I’ve Been: My explorations have taken me to some of the most beautiful landscapes in America. Some of my favorite adventures include trekking through the Sunset Crater volcano, kayaking down the Teton river and being stranded at the Salton Sea!

Why I Hike: I love the wilderness. It is the one place that I feel a total connection to everything around me. I’m able to be my complete self without the insecurities and the societal pressures. Hiking simply invigorates my curiosities and soothes my soul.

Lead The Way: I’ve recently relocated to Wyoming and it is absolutely beautiful. I am mainly looking forward to exploring the Wind River Mountain Range, aka, the Winds.

Find me on...

Instagram: @wilderness_goddess

Facebook: @thewildernessgoddess