What makes Kevin a Trailblazer?

In December of 2019, Kevin saw a need go get those living with disabilities out in nature, hiking where they never dreamed they could go.  He started Luke5Adventures, a non-profit that uses a unique piece of equipment to get those living with disability outside.

In December of 2022, Joel's daughter nominated him as a Trailblazer during Oboz's Soleful Time of Year campaign. Earlier that year, he lost his wife who he had known since elementary school.

Kevin Schwieger is the Founder and President of Luke5Adventures, a national non-profit that uses special equipment to take individuals with disabilities on hikes. Since its inception in 2020, Luke5Adventures has done over 750 hikes in 10 states and over 60 parks. There are now 9 Luke5Adventures chapters in cities across the country. With this equipment and an army of volunteers, they are making the impossible possible for those who can’t hike themselves. For more information, check them out at www.luke5adventures.org. Kevin is an adventurer himself and enjoys everything about the outdoors.

Oboz Ambassador, Derick Lugo, sat down with Kevin Schwieger to learn more about his story and organization, Luke5Adventures.