Lindsay is an Air Force Reservist and outdoors enthusiast who became hiking "obsessed" when she was working on the Adirondack 46er challenge while suffering the loss of a friend (and army veteran) who died by suicide. She found the outdoors and hiking to be overwhelmingly therapeutic and started to share her journey with social media with a mission to spread veteran suicide awareness. After a couple years of raising money for suicide awareness and mental health programs for veterans, she decided to blaze her own trail and start a nonprofit for promoting recreation therapy as means for mental health improvement and suicide prevention for veterans. Founded in May 2022, Veteran Recreation Corporation (Vet Rec) has been a consultation service and open line for veterans as a free space to talk and help find positive coping mechanisms in the outdoors. Currently fundraising for 2023, Vet Rec intends to host small group events to promote camaraderie and bolster a support system. They plan to support veterans by eliminating financial barriers to outdoor recreation therapy, with hopes to create more trail blazers and mental health warriors.

What makes Lindsay a Trailblazer?

"As the Founder of I would like to use (Oboz) boots to help Veterans get outside and heal through our programs."