What makes Corinne a Trailblazer?

Corinne Prevot founded Skida in 2008 with the mission "to bring people together, encourage play, generate smiles, and make a better place." With Corinne leading the way, Skida's commitment to sustainability, local production, limited edition product offerings, and a fresh perspective undoubtedly categorizes her as a trailblazer.

Learn more about Corinne in the short film below.

In the winter of 2008, Corinne Prevot picked up some patterned stretch fabrics at the May Store in Lyndonville, Vermont and made hats for her cross-country ski teammates and friends at Burke Mountain Academy. Soon the demand for her colorful hats grew, as did the variety of prints. As the buzz snowballed beyond the New England ski community, new products joined the line to keep everyone warm and colorful.